Barrie Johnston

Founder of Fluxus Fitness

I’m Barrie, a fitness and wellbeing coach and became a personal trainer 9 years ago due to my own struggles with weight, fitness, health and happiness.

I wanted to find a way to empower myself after becoming disillusioned with the gym and a variety of diets. This puts me in a great position to understand the difficulties you may be experiencing with motivation or willpower.

My clients are time poor, stressed and confused about how to get their health and fitness on track. The Fluxus Community that I have created helps them by taking away the confusion of diet and exercise whilst making the process fun and enjoyable.
In that way, eating well, exercising and self-care simply become habit.

Most importantly, this is all done in a nurturing environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of existing fitness levels, where you can meet people with similar challenges to you and the same goals as you. Together you can support each other and celebrate each other’s successes.